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Michal Kascak

Michal Kaščák
Pohoda Festival, SK

Musician, promoter, and the founder and director of Pohoda Festival. Starting as a local event with just eight bands in 1997, Pohoda has become the most prestigious festival in Slovakia annually hosting around 120 bands and DJs from more than 20 countries. Apart from music, other forms of art such as dance, theatre, film, photography, literature and fine arts are all represented at the event, making it a multicultural family-friendly event with a broad range.

In addition to the festival, the Pohoda team also organises concerts and small festivals, among them the Doma dobre festival for people without a home, the series of antitotalitarian concerts in 120+ clubs around Slovakia Slovenska krcma (Slovak Pub) and the pro LGBTI+ series of events in 250+ places Slovenska Teplaren, Concerts for Ukraine. Pohoda festival is an active supporter of Music Saves UA and a member of Yourope.

SAT 22 APR | 16:00-17:00 Club Cverna
Beyond Music

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