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Saturday 5  September 

09:30 Opening

10:00-11:00 Club

Keynote Interview with Kevin Cole of KEXP

Host: TBA

Kevin Cole is the DJ and the Chief Content Officer at KEXP, the legendary radio in Seattle and globally recognized nonprofit arts organization that hosts community events and produces hundreds of live performances each year. KEXP also embarks on projects and programming that serves distinct needs in the community, delivers radio programming that connects people to causes and to each other, delivers educational programming to young people, helps raise funds and awareness for worthy causes. Through the Music Heals series they help people understand they are not alone, even in these challenging times. We couldn’t be more accurate when we say that Kevin is one of the most inspirational and enthusiastic persons we have ever met. This quote says it all:

“I strive to surprise, delight, educate, and enlighten, juxtaposing seemingly incongruous styles in a way that creates context, meaning, or a good laugh.  No genre or style is off limits. I aim to bring people together through the power of music, building community, not walls!” – Kevin Cole

We are honoured to have him speaking at SHARPE 2020, this year at least virtually.

11:00-12:00 Library

Future is NOW: What can the music industry do face to face climate crisis

Host: Michal Sládek (Pohoda Festival, SK)

Speakers: Teresa Moore (A Greener Festival, UK), Chris Moorman (Welcome To The Village, NL), Mauricio Lizarazo Prada (Pachamama Culture, DE)

What can the music industry do to restore balance facing the climate crisis? The amount of environmental challenges in today’s live music industry is probably uncountable. What are the latest innovation projects and ideas and how to make them work in reality? Let’s find out with our guest speakers: Chris Moorman from the Dutch festival Welcome To The Village that every year for four days creates a nearly sustainable village, the tour manager of Lola Marsh Mauricio Lizarazo Prada of Pachamama Culture who is working hard to make touring as ecological as possible and Teresa Moore, the Director of A Greener Festival and co-founder of the annual Green Events and Innovations Conference.

11:00-12:00 Park De Palma

Listening Session: Artists at SHARPE 2020

Host: Viera Ráczová (Radio_FM, SK)

Speakers: Beckie Sugden (X-ray Touring, UK), Andre McLeod (Notion, UK), and more TBA

What do the international journalists, agents and festival bookers think of the recordings by the artists playing at SHARPE? Hear their opinions, constructive criticism or words of praise on 10 selected songs by the selection of artists performing at this year’s edition and don’t forget to catch them live in concert at night!

12:00-13:00 Club

Visions of Cultural Policy in Slovakia / Vízia kultúrnej politiky na Slovensku

The panel will be held in Slovak language – streaming

Host:Oliver Rehák (Denník N, SK)

Speakers: Radoslav Kutaš (Secretary of State at Ministry of Culture, SK), Jozef Kovalčik (Fond na podporu umenia / Arts Council, SK)

Aká je budúcnosť kultúry na Slovensku? Kreatívny priemysel je jedným z najviac postihnutých sektorov. Protipandemické reštrikcie takmer úplne stopli mnohé aktivity a zamestnania v kultúre na Slovensku. Opatrenia a ich dôsledky však otvorili debatu aj o dlhodobo prehliadaných  problémoch, s ktorými sa ľudia pracujúci v kultúrnom a umeleckom odvetví stretávajú. Aké sú to problémy a aké by mohli byť ich riešenia? Akú stratégiu má Ministerstvo kultúry v oblasti zákona o sponzoringu či štatútu umelcov tak, aby nedochádzalo k ich prepadu cez sieť podpory? Aké plány na rok 2021 má Fond na podporu umenia? Debata má snahu vytvoriť priestor na diskusiu a otvoriť dialóg medzi kultúrnou obcou a inštitúciami.


What is the vision of cultural policy in Slovakia and is there any? What’s the vision that the authorities have? The creative industry was hit hard by the Covid-19 safety restrictions. Thousands of people working in the industry lost their jobs, many companies and free-lancers are struggling to survive. In addition to the acute problems that were caused by the coronavirus restrictions, there are also other issues that need to be discussed. What are the issues and who has the solutions? What strategy does the Ministry of Culture have and what are the plans of the Arts Council? The debate aims to create an open dialogue between the cultural community and the institutions.

12:00-13:00 Kabinet


For registered only

Meet the ten music professionals in a 5 minute one on one speed-meeting session. Discover what they do, tell them about your project, make initial contact and take the first step for future cooperation!  

Participating festivals, agencies or venues: Numavi promoters (AT), Pohoda Festival (SK), Končiny Festival (SK), TransCentury Update Festival / Powerline Agency (DE), Cabin Artists (DE), Intsikurmu Festival (EE), Heartnoize Promotion (CZ), Welcome To The Village Festival (NL), FLAAM festival (SK) 

13:00-14:00 Library

The Agents Panel

Host: Andraž Kajzer (MENT Festival, SI)

Speakers: Lucy Atkinson (Earth Agency, UK), Beckie Sugden (X-ray Touring, UK), Felipe Mina Calvo (ATC Live, UK)

Have you ever wondered what the booking agents do? Who’s responsible for those amazing tours of your favourite artists? Yes, agents… but not just this! In this panel we will first cover the basics, but we will also dive into other questions like percentages, investments in artists, strategies, how important it is to catch the right moment and what are the other incomes. We will also talk about the differences in West and East and how Covid-19 pandemic changed the touring. What can agents do in these times when playing live is almost impossible and what other possibilities there are for artists?

14:00-15:00 Club

The Future of Club Concerts in Slovakia / Budúcnosť klubových koncertov na Slovensku

The panel will be held in Slovak language

Host:Ján Sklenár (Radio Devín, SK)

Speakers: Michal Klembara (Anténa / Malý Berlín), Martin Višňovský (Stromoradie, SK), Robert Špoták (FPU / Arts Council, SK)

Ako funguje dramaturgia hudobných klubov a kultúrnych centier? Ako dať dokopy divácky zaujímavý program, ktorý je zároveň ekonomicky zvládnuteľný? Na čo všetko sa dajú využiť dotácie a čo ak priestor žiadne dotácie nemá? Budeme sa tiež zaoberať problémom technického vybavenia klubu a (ne)dostatku kvalifikovaného personálu vs. honoráre umelcov. Môže FPU podporiť priamo kapelu na turné a odľahčiť tak kluby od vysokých nárokov umelcov? V debate sa budeme rozprávať aj o tom, aké očakávanie majú slovenskí hudobníci, aká je realita klubov, s čím všetkým sa organizátori potýkajú a ako správne nastaviť celkové fungovanie a nájsť udržateľný model vyhovujúci všetkým zúčastneným subjektom. 


Have you ever wondered how the programming of a cultural centre or a music venue works? How to put together a program that is both exciting and financially reasonable? How to be friends with grant schemes, get funding and how to use it? We will talk about the importance of high quality technical equipment and background as well as the professional staff like sound engineers and lighting technicians at the venues vs. the amount of the artist fees and their expectations. We will try to find a sustainable model that will work for every subject involved.

14:00-16:00 Kabinet

Workshop: DIY Touring

For registered only

Host: Koen ter Heegde (Yugofuturism / Subroutine Records, NL)

This year, concerts and international touring might seem like a distant dream. The perfect moment to start early preparation for potential future endeavors. In this participatory 2-hour workshop we discuss the diverse opportunities and obstacles of booking your own international tour. From building the necessary international network to planning & preparation, promotion & paperwork, and from creating the right momentum to becoming an integral part of the European underground infrastructure. This is a workshop, not a lecture, meaning participants will actively engage and discuss their situation, making the first steps into booking their own future tours.

Please sign up for the workshop here.

16:00-17:00 Club

Music And The City

Host: TBA

Speakers: Matúš Vallo (Mayor of Bratislava, SK), Robert Meijerink (ESNS, NL), TBA

The current Mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo, the Night Mayor of Amsterdam Shamiro van der Geld and the booker of the city festival Valkhof in Nijmegen and the programmer of ESNS in Groningen Robert Meijerink will talk about the possibilities of a strong relationship between the city and its music scene. How can they cooperate and support each other and how to make everyone happy, from musicians, cultural centres, clubs and music fans on the one side, to residents and officials on the other? We will also touch the topic of the importance of a long term philosophy shared by venues and the local government in terms of music or culture in general and how it may help to lift up not just the nightlife in the city, but also develop local music scene and help promoters and young musicians in terms of creating space for rehearsal rooms, studios or venues.

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