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Ľubica Ščambová: the gastro queen of Pohoda, member of the team since 2004, Mossad & KGB & CIA in one person, if you want to know any secret of Pohoda, ask her.

Vlado Jurčák: working for Pohoda since its start in 1997, the castellan of Trencin airport and specialist in jobs no one wants to do

Katarína Hittrichová: partnership director, million dollar baby known for her philanthropy – „we should help Coca Cola to survive as they dont have any money“

Lucia Paulíková: a merchandising harp and office swan coming from parliament where she was dealing with protocol – always in good mood, as the protocol in Pohoda is congenial.

Tereza Maco: graphic designer with double-acting smile, lover of natural wine and bundas kenir, curator of Septic gallery and explorer of Donny Benét and other music kishaws

Suzanne Verschueren: the avatar of activity coming from Belgium, international PR manager with super quick career in Pohoda – in two years from visitor through internship to core team member

Anton Repka: PR&Media director, super killer in calcetto, poeticule maestro, representative of eastern Slovakia with talk flow as a hypnotizing conjuror

Michal Sládek: an eco-terrorist, trade unionist and super amazing DJ working only with cracked software, Pohoda buffo & production manager

Matwe Kaščák: a girl for everything assisting to everybody in need, super DJ with rascal moustachio, calcetto bomber, always late, but everybody loves him

Rasťo Martiška: production manager in love with excel sheets, super organised hipster asking for more & more work

Monika Matiašovská: super ego of Pohoda, hospitality manager and contract specialist with best nerves in music agriculture, singer & songwriter with biggest keyboards in the world

Jakub Sigmund: production manager, Niki Lauda of forklifts and insect specialist

Michal Kaščák: table hockey expert and founder of Pohoda

Special guests:

Login Kochishki: an international superhero, diamant of every music conference, MZT hooligan and Pohoda ambassador in Balkans

Gordon Masson: massive friendly Scot, corundum of every music conference and Pohoda ambassador in United (still?) Kingdom.

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