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Saturday 27  April | 09:30 Opening

10:00-10:30 Bar

Breakfast with Matia and Oskar

Speakers: Matia Lenická (B-Complex, SK), Oskar Strajn (ESNS, SI/NL), Anton Repka (Pohoda Festival, SK), Suzanne Verschueren (Pohoda Festival, SK)

One more look back at the focus on Czech and Slovak artists at ESNS 2019. What has it brought to the local scene three months later? Join us in an informal conversation with one of the bookers of Eurosonic – Oskar Strajn and Matia Lenická aka B-Complex who played at this year’s ESNS. Enjoy a little breakfast, have a coffee with us and learn more about the experience and outcomes of the Slovak artists playing at the prestigious European showcase festival last January.

10:30-11:30 Club

How To Make a Festival in 60 Minutes

Speakers: Pohoda Festival team

Have you ever wondered how one of the best European festivals is made? The 12 months of work, endless amount of emails and phone calls, meetings, deadlines… From booking to logistics, from catering to merchandising, from finance to promotion, from emails to production and security on site. The whole team of Pohoda festival will show you the madness they go through before each year’s edition, in a very entertaining and interactive 60-minute presentation. Find out more about their all star team members here.  

11:30-12:30 Park

Keynote Interview: Login Kočiški

in conversation with Michal Kaščák (Pohoda Festival, SK)

Promoter, football player, A&R manager, father, festival director, tour manager, bambus drinker, label manager, booking agent, publisher, production manager, fan of basketball team Metalski Zavod Tito… Macedonian Login Kočiški has been working in the music industry for more than 23 years and it seems he has tried it all and even more! At SHARPE he will be interviewed by his very good friend Michal Kaščák who has known him for years, in what we are sure will be a joyous, insightful and captivating conversation for everyone with passion for music and arts. The one not to miss!

11:30-13:30 Co-working

Management Workshop with Peter Jenner

For registered only

Peter Jenner (Sincere Management, UK), Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (IMMF, UK), Dijana Lakuš (IMMF, HR)

From the 1960’s to the present day Peter Jenner has managed artists including Pink Floyd, T. Rex, Ian Dury, The Clash, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Robyn Hitchcock, Baaba Maal and many more. He is also the founding chair of the International Music Managers Forum, a sought after consultant and expert influencing governments and industry on modernisation and innovation in the creative industries from an artist’s perspective. In this 2 hour long workshop he will share his experience, knowledge and energy with the participants who sign up in advance here.

To participate in the workshop you need to have a ticket / pro pass for the conference:

12:30-13:30 Club

Listening Session: Slovak Artists at SHARPE 2019

Host: Peter Dolník (Radio_FM, SK)
Speakers: Klaus Fiehe (WDR 1 Live, DE), Nigel Carr (Louder Than War, UK), Sarah Joy (ATC Live, UK), Nik Fischer (One Of A Million Festival / Glad We Met, CH)

What do the international journalists, radio presenters and critics think of the recordings by Slovak artists playing at SHARPE? Hear their opinions, constructive criticism or words of praise on 10 selected songs by Slovak artists performing at this year’s edition and don’t forget to catch them live in concert at night!

13:30-14:30 Library

Good-hearted Promotion or Downright Spam?

Host: Richard Foster (The Quietus / WORM, UK/NL)

Speakers: Dom Gourlay (Drowned In Sound, UK), Gabriela Szuba (Kayax, PL), Christoph Hallerberg (Radicalis, DE/CH)

Artists hear they need PR all the time. At many conferences, at many workshops. But what specifically do the artists need the PR agencies for? What makes a good PR a good PR and how to stand out in a digital age, where everyone becomes snowed under a mass of emails. Is there a way to avoid spamming all the recipients, journalists, tastemakers and promoters? What is the best way to approach this? Find the perfect line between spamming and informing.

13:30-14:30 Park

Zero-waste Festivals

Host: Michal Sládek (Pohoda Festival, SK)

Speakers: Ivana Maleš (Incien, SK), Radoslav Oliver Košík (JRK, SK)

Zero-waste festival is an initiative launched last year by organisers of Dobrý trh, a local street market event in Bratislava in cooperation with Institute for circular economy Incien. The vision of the project was to increase the demand for sustainable solutions for events from both organisers and visitors. We will discuss what can be achieved in the area of green festivals, by what means and how to measure the real impact. We will also try to make a distinction between true environmental solutions and good-sounding marketing claims.

14:30-15:30 Club

Live Is Where We Live – A Concert Strategy for Artists

Hosts: Maša Pavoković (MashUp, SI) + Dalibor Kocian (Stroon, SK)

Speakers: Nik Fischer (One Of A Million Festival / Glad We Met, CH), Máté Horváth (3S Management / Dürer Kert, HU), Andraž Kajzer (MENT Ljubljana, SI)

Constant DIY touring, showcase festivals, boutique festivals, support slots, band exchange programs? There are plenty of options how to reach your audience live. In this panel, we will be discussing how artists can develop an audience in a foreign country, where to start, what are the possibilities and what are the next steps after the first steps. When is the right time to work with an agent, how does it work with local promoters and is there a “right” international live strategy at all? A Slovakian artist and a Slovenian artist manager will talk about the topic with representatives of a showcase festival, boutique festival and a venue booker/promoter.

14:30-16:30 Co-working

Music Publishing: Where the REAL money is!

For registered only

Lecture by Sarah Chanderia (Hacate Entertainment, USA)

The music business wouldn’t go far without songs and the people who write them. This comprehensive presentation is designed to help you unravel the mysterious world of music publishing: What it is and why it is important — and help you discover the many, MANY ways it can be used to help your career and make you money!  Written and presented by Sarah-Chanderia, President of Hacate Entertainment Group.

Register in advance here.

15:30-16:30 Library

Listening Session: International Artists at SHARPE 2019

Host: Derek Robertson (Drowned In Sound, UK)
Speakers: Peter Hapčo (Stanica Záriečie, SK), Andrej Kabal (Kapitál / Junction, SK), Oliver Rehák (Denník N, SK), Daniel Baláž (Rádio_FM, SK)

The second listening session will focus on international artists playing at SHARPE 2019. Hear the feedback on 10 selected songs from the booker of a renowned Slovakian venue, promoter, music critic and a music journalist.

15:30-16:30 Park

Ornamental Or Mental

Host: Andy Inglis (5000, UK)

Speakers: Lina Ugrinovska (Password Production, MK), Mário Gešvantner (Albatros Media / Real Something, SK), Gordon Masson (IQ Magazine, UK)

Working in music is exciting on the one hand, but can be very exhausting and stressful on the other. The usual working hours don’t exist. The “work” is more of a passion and “love”, so it really gets into your heart and it often happens that one cannot take a break and would rather go on and on and on… But life can go many ways, ornamental or mental. What shall we do to stay healthy and sane? Why is it important to talk about both mental and physical health in the music business? Let’s find out with our guests.

16:30-17:30 Club

When Is Radiohead Going To Play in Slovakia?

Host: Patrik Marflák (, SK)

Speakers: Martynas Butkevičius (8 Days A Week, LT), Patrik Svitek (Octopus Promotion / Seahorse Promotion, SK), Robb Gibbs (Progressive Artists, UK)

The panel will discuss concert promotion of international music stars in the Central-Eastern European region. Why are some big names avoiding to play in our region and their concert routing mostly ends up in Germany or in Prague and Vienna at best? What are our possibilities and limitations to bring over artists such as Jack White or Father John Misty to Slovakia? Can we still dream of Radiohead coming to our country one day? In our panel, we will highlight some interesting regional examples, where the international touring seems to be working well. Martynas Butkevičius has promoted solo shows of artists like Fever Ray, Unknown Mortal Orchestra or the aforementioned Jack White and Father John Misty in Lithuania. So how can we bring these artists to our country as well? What are the agents and managements searching for?

16:30 Kabinet

Meet The Slovenes

For registered only

Meet the Slovenian music professionals in a 5 minute one on one speed-meeting session. Discover what they do, tell them about your project, make initial contact and take the first step for a future cooperation!

Register in advance here.

17:30 – 18:15 Library

Austrian Heartbeats Reception

Enjoy the smooth transition between the conference and festival part of the program by visiting this informal get-together with Austrian music and refreshments.

12:30 – 17:30 Foyer

Table Footbal Tournament

Take part in the table football tournament, challenge Pohoda Festival – the first year’s winner and grab the tickets for SHARPE 2020, among other prizes. Registration here

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