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SHARPE conference 2018. A place where the international music community can all get together in panels, lectures, interviews, workshops and where the music professionals speak and learn the latest about the industry developments.

Our key aim is to become a platform where Slovak music scene can connect with experienced music professionals from the Netherlands, UK, Italy, France, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and many other countries, in search for new projects and music cooperations that expand beyond the borders in every sense.

We believe Slovakia has a great deal to offer to the neighbouring world as a rapidly growing music market with large pool of talented musicians, concert & festival promoters, label managers, creative minds and leaders from artistic as well as IT and technology-driven backgrounds.

SHARPE conference is strongly oriented on connecting the foreign music delegates with local festivals, active and forward-thinking cultural centres from all Slovak regions. When we are thinking of the local music market, let us take into account organisations from Bratislava but also from Prešov, Košice, Bardejov, Liptovský Mikuláš, Žilina, Zvolen and many more. All of them have arrived to SHARPE conference 2018. It would be a shame to miss the opporutinity to meet them in person.

As to the Slovak music professionals, we invite them to network, exchange contacts, drum with Andrea, have a drink and enjoy the whole music buzz in beautiful Nová Cvernovka. Find out more in the schedule, conference details and pro area.

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